Surprise! Surprise! Your Back Hurts Because of These Guys!

back problems

A lot of people know the more common reasons why there are individuals who suffer from back pains. But this article is not about these common reasons. That would be too convenient.Rather, this article is about causes of back pain which are more unusual. Have I piqued your interest? If so, then read on!

The Subject is an Object

Some objects are so common that you would not expect them to actually cause back pains. Unfortunately, these objects are guilty as charged.

  • The first object in line is the woman’s bra. A bra is not just a bra. It has to support the woman’s chest so that she can remain standing straight instead of being hunched or slumped over. If the bra does not fit the woman’s body frame and her breasts’ cup size, it would not be a friendly circumstance to the woman’s back.
  • The second object is the bed. Yes – your best friend when you go to sleep can be your best enemy later that night and early the next morning. If you have ever woken up one morning with a really painful back, then it may be due to your bed not being a perfect fit for you. Studies have shown that people should sleep on beds that are neither too hard nor too soft in order to give the back and the spine better support.
  • back pains
  • The third thing is your pair of shoes. Whether your shoes are high heeled or nor – if they are already worn out then you will likely attract pain on your spine because worn out shoes make the feet uncomfortable and puts pressure on the spine when you are standing up or walking.
  • The fourth thing is your shoulder bag or your back pack. If your bag is very heavy, you can hurt your sciatic nerve and even pinch it. When this happens, the result is a “back to leg” disorder known as Sciatica.

A Weighty Back Conundrum

If you go online and search for information about back pains, many of the articles that you would find would mention that one of the main ways for a person to eliminate back problems is for him to lose weight, particularly if he has obesity concerns. In fact, whether you read a pain blog, a medical website or a medical journal article, many of these sources would advise eating healthy and exercising in order to lose weight and get rid of back problems. If you ask medical professionals, they would also tell you the same thing as one of the basic actions that you could engage in to solve this type of weighty problem. And of course, the idea that losing weight can get rid of back problem is already established.

But the surprising thing though is that for some people, weight loss can unfortunately cause back pain. The reason for this is that weight loss can actually cause nutrient loss (particularly when the losing of weight is through unhealthy means). The nutrient loss causes more problems because it affects bone density and muscular strength. When these two occur, the individual’s posture is affected. The person may even slump down with a bent back. This would lead to back pain. Similarly, when the person’s bone density is weaker, the spinal alignment is also affected. Again, this can result to back problems.

back problems

Similarly, when there is weight loss, there is also body fat loss. The latter’s loss would also mean that the body structure (the fat) that would cushion body parts would “melt” away. For instance, the buttocks will lose its cushion and become more bony. If the buttock is more bony, the lower portion of the spine would have more pressure. In turn, this would make sitting down for long periods of time more uncomfortable.

Moreover, back pain that results from weight loss may be indicative of other medical concerns so it would be good for the person who is affected to go see a specialist about this problem.

“Mea Culpa!” Says the Bacteria!

Believe it or not bacterial infections on the spine lead to problems with back pain. Even nerve roots can be affected by these invisible to the naked eye guys. Along with bacteria, fungi infections can also lead to back concerns.

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